Special Education Services

Our professional staff of highly qualified special educators, curriculum specialists, school psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, are dedicated to meeting the needs of our identified students. A free appropriate public education (FAPE) must be available to all students between the ages of three and twenty-one, inclusive, who are eligible for special education services according to Policy 2419 of the West Virginia Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students and Kanawha County Schools

Once referred to the special education process, a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation Team (MDET) meeting will be scheduled for Sissonville Elementary.You will be notified and invited to this meeting at least 10 days in advance. You will receive a Procedural Safeguards Brochure that explains the special education processes of testing and placement. This meeting will help determine what tests your child may require. The Kanawha County Schools Office of Exceptional Students has 80 calendar days for evaluation. Once testing is completed, an eligibility meeting will be held to go over the testing with you. It is at that meeting that determination for placement or recommendations for further interventions are made. An Individualized Educational Plan will be made within 30 days of placement or another SAT will be held. Students who qualify for special services are re-evaluated every three years.



The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a regular education process required since 1998 by West Virginia Legislation. It is a formal school based process to address the needs of all students that have academic performance, behavior, attendance or social issues which is/are affecting the student's progress within the regular education curriculum. Referral to the SAT is made by the teacher or parent. A SAT meeting is scheduled by Rochelle Sizemore, SAT Coordinator for Sissonville Elementary. You will be notified and invited to all SAT meetings for your child. The initial meeting is held, issues discussed, interventions are suggested and a review date will be set. The review meeting will be held to discuss your child's progress and a decision will be made to continue with the same or new interventions, close the file, or refer to the special education process.


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act insures that the education system provides services necessary for a student with disabilities to participate in and benefit from public education programs and activities. Section 504 allows for modifications and accommodations for students with disabilities and is designed for students having physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities including vision, hearing, walking and learning. Section 504 is a written document describing the student's needs and plan to meet those needs. Parents will be expected to provide information about their child, such as health records, medical records, outside evaluations, home and community interests and activities. Once referred a meeting will be scheduled and you will be invited to attend.

For further information on any of these processes, please contact: Dr. David Agnew or Rochelle Sizemore @ 348-1961