KCS All-County Art Exhibit!
Posted on 04/11/2022

Congratulations to all 1st-4th grade students who won an award at the KCS All-County K-12 Juried Art Exhibit! Mrs. Nelson has been working very hard with our students on a 'watercolor animal' project. Students did a wonderful job, and some were chosen to be in the art exhibit! 

Winners selected to be displayed at the All-County Art Show: 
1. Lyndsey Westfall- 3rd grade
2. Gracie Toler- 3rd grade
3. Caiden Thaxton- 4th grade
4. Aubrey Adkins- 4th grade
5. Paislee Ingram- 2nd grade
6. Aubri Kiser- 2nd grade
7. Maci Hanshaw- 1st grade
8. Cree Thaxton- 1st grade

1st grade Runner Up's:
1. Laila Saddler
2. Lily Berkhouse
3. Annalise Kasten
4. Isla Cunningham
5. Ryleigh Fields
6. Emmy Sirbaugh

2nd Grade Runner Up's:
1. Amelia Henson
2. Maggie Bridgette
3. Lacie Decoteau
4. Garrett Evans
5. Jett Sorn

3rd Grade Runner Up's:
1. Laila Jackson
2. Jace Thaxton
3. Jacob Moss
4. Alana Smith
5. Joshua Landers
6. Claire Britton