Faculty & Staff

Office Staff

Principal: Dr. David Agnew

  Meet our principal, Dr. Agnew! Dr. Agnew has been with KCS for 25 years. He worked as a technology teacher for 10 years and has been a principal at SES for 15 years. He graduated with his Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2011. Dr. Agnew likes to spend time with his family and have fun on the lake! 

Secretary: Mrs. Robyn Keener

Counselor: Mrs. April McClaugherty

Nurse: Mrs. Melanie Pierson


Pre-K Teacher: Mrs. Melissa Torres

Melissa Torres

  Meet our Pre-K Teacher, Mrs. Melissa Torres! Melissa graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Education with a specialization in Elementary Education. She is certified Pre-K-Kindergarten, K-8, and Pre-K Special Needs. She has been working at SES for 6 years and has been teaching preschool for 20 years! In her free time, she enjoys reading, camping, traveling, spending time with her family, and watching her kids play sports and band. Melissa is the mother of 3 kids, Jacob, Megan, and Zoey. She has been married to Adam Torres for 19 years. 

Pre-K Aide: Ms. Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson

  Meet our Pre-K Aide, Sarah Dawson! Sara has been an aide with KCS for 8 years, and this is her 4th year with SES Pre-K. She has a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. Sarah also has 2 kittens and a pug. Sarah enjoys spending time with her kids and her family. 

Pre-K Parent Assistant: Mrs. Lisa Casto

Meet our Pre-K Parent Assistant, Mrs. Lisa Casto! Lisa graduated from high school. She has been working at SES for 3 and 1/2 years! In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking, and spending time with her grandchildren. 

Pre-K Teacher: Ms. Rachel Torres


  Meet our Pre-K Teacher, Ms. Rachel Torres! Ms. Rachel LOVES teaching! She grew up in Sissonville and loves to work in the community. Rachel has her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Needs. This will be her 15th year teaching preschool, and her 11th year at Sissonville Elementary. Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, and photography. She would also like to share one of her favorite quotes, "If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magi in everything!"  

Pre-K Teacher: Mrs. Andrea Webb


Meet our Pre-K Teacher, Mrs. Andrea Webb! Andrea graduated from Ripley High School and Marshall University. This is her 4th year teaching at SES! She really enjoys spending time with her family and going on road trips. Andrea has 2 kids, a dog, and some cats. 


Pre-K Teacher: Kelli Hall

Pre-K Aide: Mr. Eddie McDougal





Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Jodi Evans

Kindergarten Aide: Mrs. Robin Burdette

Meet our Kindergarten Aide, Mrs. Robin Burdette! Robin graduated from DuPont High School. This is her 1st year working at SES and transferred from East Bank Bus Terminal where she was a bus monitor aide for 9 years. Robin won 1st place WV Special Needs Rodeo in 2018 and placed 14th at the Nationals in Frisco, Tx in 2019. Robin enjoys camping, boating, fishing, and riding her 4-wheeler. She says that everyone has been very nice and helpful and would like to thank everyone!  

Kindergarten Teacher: Mrs. Alyssa Swain

  Meet our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Alyssa Swain! Alyssa has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Pre-K-K, Elementary K-6 and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Specialization in Methods. She has been teaching at SES for 7 years. Alyssa enjoys reading, working outside, and spending her extra time being a soccer mom! 

  Kindergarten Aide: Mrs. Susan Wray

  Meet our Kindergarten Aide, Mrs. Susan Wray! Susan graduated from Sissonville High School in 1981. She then went to trade school and was a CNA until after her children started school. She took classes to be an Assistant Teacher and she is state certified. Susan has been working at SES for 13 years. She enjoys playing her guitar and singing. Susan also likes to go for walks in the woods and take pictures of nature. Susan has been married for 39 years and has two grown children. 

First Grade

1st Grade Teacher: Mrs. Amber Keller

Amber Keller

  Meet our 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Amber Keller! Amber is starting her 7th year of teaching and her 6th year of teaching at SES. She played tennis for WVSU and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis in Elementary Education and Art Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. In May 2021, Amber graduated from Marshall University Graduate College with a Master of Arts in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Development. Amber enjoys creating artwork for people and teaches art at "Summer Arts Camp" during the summer. She attends North Hills Baptist Church where she plays the piano for the choir and gives piano lessons. Amber also enjoys playing with her puppy, Buster, and running. Amber's husband is a 5th grade teacher at Sissonville Middle School.

1st Grade Teacher: Ms. Melissa Toler

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Second Grade

2nd Grade Teacher: Ms. Mikalyn Murphy

Mikalyn Murphy

2nd Grade Teacher: Mrs. Jenny Newhouse

Jenny Newhouse

Meet our second grade teacher, Jenny Newhouse! This is her 15th year teaching in Kanawha County Schools.  Jenny grew up in Sissonville and attended Wallace Heights Elementary, Sissonville Junior High and graduated from Sissonville High School in 1995.

Jenny has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education K-6.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, three boys and her furry pets.  They have two dogs, Jake and Roxy and one cat, Ollie. Jenny loves visiting the beach, the mountains, and relaxing on her deck with a good book.

Third Grade

3rd Grade Teacher: Mrs. Angela Guthrie

Angela Guthrie

  Meet our 4th grade teacher Mrs. Angela Guthrie! This is her 3rd year at Sissonville Elementary School and her 5th year teaching in Kanawha County. Angela grew up in the Sissonville area and is so glad to be working in the community. Currently, Angela holds a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education K-6 and a Master's Degree in Education for Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Mathematics. When Angela is not at school, she enjoys spending time at home with her family, crafting, gardening, and reading when she finds some quiet time. 

3rd Grade Teacher: Ms. Megan Wray


  Meet our 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Megan Wray! Megan attended WVU-Parkersburg and graduated from WVSU. This is her 1st year teaching at Sissonville Elementary School. Megan loves to listen to music and drive around. 

Fourth Grade

4th Grade Teacher: Ms. Kacy Boggess

Kacy Boggess

  Meet Ms. Kacy Boggess! Kacy graduated from Sissonville High School in 2010. She obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education in May of 2015. She obtained her Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics in August of 2018. This is her 5th year teaching at SES. Kacy loves to read and travel. She also loves spending play time with her new puppy, Nezuko. She also attended SES as a kid! 



Math Interventionist: Mrs. Shelley Frye

Shelley Frye


Meet our Math Interventionist, Mrs. Shelley Frye! Shelley is starting her 28th year of teaching. She lives in Winfield, and has 2 boys that are in high school, 3 cats, and a dog. Shelley enjoys walking and running in her spare time. She would like to say, "I LOVE MATH!"

Reading Interventionist: Mrs. Caitlyn Adkins


Resource Teacher: Mrs. Kelly Heidenreich



Meet our Resource Teacher, Mrs. Kelly Heidenreich! Kelly loves to teach reading and math. Kelly received her Bachelor's Degree from Shepherd University and her Master's Degree from WVU in 2017. After that she completed a Certification in Multi-Categorial Special Education in 2019. Kelly enjoys teaching, being a mom, wife, and grandmother. Her favorite pastime is cooking and taking care of her two granddaughters. 


Speech Teacher: Mrs. Angie Kiser

Angie Kiser

  Meet our Speech Teacher, Mrs. Angie Kiser! Angie graduated high school in Summersville, WV at Nicholas County High in 1985. She graduated from WVU with a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Pathology and audiology in 1989 and graduated from Marshall University in 1990 with a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology. Angie has been working at SES for 7 years and has been a speech pathologist for 30 years. She enjoys cooking, reading, and camping in her RV. She has been married for 32 years to Mark Kiser and has 4 sons. Angie loves her job and loves helping children communicate better! 



Specials Teachers

Librarian: Mrs. Beth Jones


  Meet our Librarian, Mrs. Beth Jones! Beth went to school at Wallace Heights Elementary, Sissonville Jr. High, and Sissonville High School. She graduated from WVSU with a Bachelor's of Science in Education with a specialization in Elementary Education. This is her 1st year working at SES! She loves to read, travel, and spend time with her husband 3 kids, and 3 dogs. Beth is very excited to be working in her community and feels so blessed to be at SES!


Art Teacher: Mrs. Susan Nelson

Music Teacher: Mr. Scott Milam

Physical Education Teacher: Mr. Aaron Fiddler

 Parent Assistant: Mrs. Hannah Cunningham

  Meet our Parent Assistant, Mrs. Hannah Cunningham! Hannah has an Associates of Applied Science/Criminal Justice Degree. This is her first year working at SES. Hannah enjoys goat farming and her chickens. She has 2 children who attend SES. Her daughter Isla is in 1st grade and her son Uriah is in kindergarten. She has been married to Blake Cunningham, a Sissonville native, for 7 years. Hannah has 4 goats, 2 chickens, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. 

Parent Assistant: Ms. Katie Combs


Head Cook: Mrs. Toni Hibbs

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  Meet our head cook, Mrs. Toni Hibbs! Toni graduated from DuPont High School. She has been our head cook at SES for 6 years! Toni enjoys traveling, taking cruises, and spending time with her family. She has 5 daughters, 4 son-in-laws, and 16 grandchildren! 


Cook: Mrs. Kim Patton


  Meet our cook, Mrs. Kim Patton! Kim graduated from Sissonville High School in 1993. She has been working at SES for 10 years. Kim enjoys traveling! 


Cook: Mrs. Regina Long

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Meet our cook, Mrs. Regina Long! Regina graduated from high school in 1975. She has been at Sissonville Elementary school for 10 years. She enjoys horses, making crafts, cooking, and working with children! 


Cook: Mrs. Karen Pridemore


  Meet our cook, Mrs. Karen Pridemore! Karen graduated from Sissonville High School in 1996. She is starting her 4th year as a cook at SES! Karen enjoys camping, fishing, watching her son play baseball, watching the Cincinnati Reds, and going on Harley rides with her husband. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, Gibbs. 


Cook: Mrs. Susan Smith


  Meet our cook, Mrs. Susan Smith! Susan has bee a cook at SES for 12

years! She enjoys going to see her grandkids and camping in Pocahontas



Cook: David Joplin



Custodian: Mr. Steve Mallett

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Custodian: Mrs. Lynnette Roberts

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